Titanfall 2 Looks Set To Revamp Pilot Gameplay With New ‘Top Secret’ Ability


According to the LinkedIn profile of a former Respawn Entertainment employee, Titanfall 2 may well feature a brand new pilot ability that, the profile says, was “successfully prototyped and well received by the [Respawn] team” and will likely make it into the final game.

As reported by VideoGamer, the developer’s profile reveals that – while they no longer work at the studio – they’ve been working on “server-side network optimizations for Titanfall 2” for over a year, with the aim being to “improve the fidelity of the multiplayer experience.”

But aside from all of the technical talk, the profile excitedly talks about a new pilot ability that, as of now, is considered top secret – not surprising if Respawn intends to include the new feature in the final version of Titanfall 2. But what is this enigmatic new ability?

Our first thought would be on it being some sort of perk, but unlike its contemporaries, the first Titanfall decided against using that type of progression system in favor of the Burn Card system and weapon unlocks. Judging by what you could do outside of your Titan in the original, we can only imagine this new ability will complement the parkour style of level traversal already established, to sit alongside the wall running, jetpack-centric abilities already on offer.

Respawn officially announced Titanfall 2 yesterday with a short teaser trailer, and you can expect to see the game’s worldwide gameplay début at this year’s E3 in June.

Source: VideoGamer