Titanfall 2 Teaser Deploys From Orbit, Worldwide Reveal Pegged For E3 2016


EA and Respawn Entertainment have deployed the first teaser trailer for sci-fi sequel, Titanfall 2, with a worldwide reveal now on course for E3 2016.

Weighing in at around 40 seconds in length, much of the clip features a sombre voiceover rambling on about the concept of heroism in Respawn’s far-flung future, before a titan comes crashing onto the scene sporting a metallic sword. Optimus Prime DLC, anyone?


Truth be told, the snippet is likely teeing up the story campaign to be featured in Titanfall 2, a component that proved to be sorely missed from the 2013 original. Indeed, this added workload also explains the sizeable development team steering the sequel toward release, which is said to be around 30 percent larger than the original Respawn team.

We’ll get a glimpse of that near-final product – or at least a vertical slice of it – when the EA Play event takes place in the lead up to E3 2016. Much like Bethesda’s plans for this year’s trade show, the former publisher will host the fan-centric showcase on Sunday, June 12, when Titanfall 2 will no doubt be flanked by a string of sports titles and a few yet-to-be-announced surprises.

Titanfall 2 will launch across Xbox One, PC and, unlike its predecessor, PlayStation 4.