Titanfall 2 Trailer Touts “Sheer Variety” Of Single-Player Campaign


Ask any early adopter of Respawn’s Titanfall and they’ll likely tell you that, while the mech on mech shooter was immensely fun to play, one thing that was sorely missed was a fully-fledged single-player campaign, given that much if not all of the game’s world-building was relegated to a small corner of your HUD or relayed during loading screens.

That all changes with the release of Titanfall 2 in two weeks’ time. It’s a multi-platform title that will include a single-player campaign from the get-go, one which will have a fairly significant amount of variety beneath its steely exterior. That’s according to the latest sizzle reel to emerge for the imminent sequel, this time casting light on how that single player vision coalesced.

Centering on the dynamic between towering titan BT-7274 and rifleman 3rd class Jack Cooper, Titanfall 2 is hoping to marry man with machine in more ways than one, with earlier interviews teasing a sort of buddy cop dynamic. How exactly that pans out in the finished product remains to be seen.

Either way, Lead Designer Mackey McCandlish spoke about the content included in both modes, saying: “You can get different Titan loadouts and experience the different flavours of Titans in the multiplayer, in the single-player.” As the release date draws ever closer, the studio recently presented an overview of the roster of Titans and each mech brings something a little different to the battlefield.

Titanfall 2 deploys from orbit and onto PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 28. That’s a mere seven days after the launch of Battlefield 1, but which shooter will seize the bigger slice of pie?