Title For Next-Gen Batman Game May Have Leaked


An off-screen image purportedly taken from Warner Bros. Montreal’s upcoming Batman game has surfaced online and it’s causing quite the stir among fans for a multitude of reasons. For those not up to speed on the Dark Knight’s current whereabouts following the release of Rocksteady’s Arkham Knight back in 2015, the Caped Crusader has taken something of an extended vacation from the video game world in the five years since, one that’s looking increasingly likely to soon be reaching an end.

While we’re still not entirely sure what shape the mystery title will take, numerous leaks over the last several months have suggested that Bruce Wayne’s return as Gotham’s crime-fighting vigilante will be a standalone adventure not connected to the Arkham trilogy, with development being handled by the same folks that created 2013’s oft-overlooked Origins spinoff. Several hints straight from the studio itself have confirmed that something to do with the series is in the works, of course, and it now seems as though we know what the game will be called or at the very least, what its tagline will be.

Check out the image – which we must stress could well turn out to be an elaborate fake – below:

So, a few things worth noting right off the bat. Both PlayStation 4 and 5 are clearly mentioned as available platforms for Capture the Knight, with no mention of Microsoft’s Xbox brand in sight. This could mean that Batman’s supposed cross-gen outing is either a permanent PlayStation exclusive or a timed one, with a release for other platforms to come at a later (usually 12 months) date.

Additionally, fans over on Reddit and elsewhere have pointed out that the silver sheen and shape of Batman’s iconic logo is similar to that seen on Terry McGinnis’ black and red outfit in the animated Batman Beyond series, suggesting that Capture the Knight could be set far into the future where Wayne has long since hung up the Cape and Cowl. An exciting prospect, no doubt, but again, this all remains speculation based on an unverified leak, albeit a convincing one.

What do you think, though? Let us know whether you believe this to be the real deal or a big fat hoax in the comments down below!