New Batman Game Might Be Dropping The Arkham Name


Thanks to a spate of leaks over the last several months, fans of DC’s Batman have come to believe that Warner Bros. is working on a brand new entry in the acclaimed Arkham video game series.

In light of several teasers supplied recently on social media by the publisher’s own Montreal studio, such a prospect is essentially official at this point, though a number of burning questions still remain, nonetheless. One chief concern among the Dark Knight’s legion of followers has to do with whether Warner Bros. intends for this latest installment to be a continuation of Rocksteady’s beloved trilogy or, alternatively, a reboot of some kind.

Given how 2015’s Arkham Knight concluded Bruce Wayne’s story, the likelihood of either a soft reboot or prequel à la 2013’s Arkham Origins seemed the most likely, but now? Anything could happen.

As per the latest round of investigations into Batman’s upcoming video game comeback, users over on ResetEra (H/T, James Sigfield) have spotted how staff at Montreal Studio specify their current project as being that of a “new IP.”

Not really indicative of anything without context, of course, though taking into consideration development timelines for Batman’s comeback, it would appear that the new IP being referred to and the Caped Crusader’s return are one and the same. What does that mean, exactly? Assuming all of the above to be accurate, it would appear that Warner Bros. has opted for a full reboot of the Arkham series, even going so far as to drop the name entirely in order to differentiate the two.

Does that mean that Batman‘s next game will feature gameplay entirely different to that which players have come to expect? Without more concrete details, it’s impossible to say, though at the very least, it looks as if fans should go in with an open mind as and when Montreal finally decides the time is right to reveal the fruit of its labor. Stay tuned.