Todd McFarlane Says A Spawn And Fortnite Crossover Is Possible


As the reigning champ of battle royales and essentially one of the most popular entertainment products in the world, it’s hardly surprising that third parties want nothing more than to have their products represented in Fortnite.

In just three years, Epic Games has signed deals with the likes of Marvel, DC, Disney and a multitude of Hollywood studios as a means of providing some of the most memorable crossover events in gaming history and we’ve little reason to believe that the developer doesn’t plan to continue the trend well into 2020 and beyond. Deadpool’s recent appearance on Apollo Island, for example, has proven to be a hugely successful stunt, with players in their millions now able to dress up as the foul-mouthed superhero himself.

But who’s next? Well, we couldn’t possibly tell you, though a certain servant of hell could well be in the running. As the manufacturer of various Fortnite merchandise, McFarlane Toys, a business relationship between Spawn creator Todd McFarlane and Epic already exists, making a potential Spawn crossover not as ludicrous as it perhaps sounds.

Speaking to Comic Book in a recent interview, McFarlane said:

So, I talked to the creators up there. And we’ve had the conversation. I showed them that it’s not just Spawn, there’s dozens of Spawns. Right? Between what’s been in the comic book and what’s been in the toy lines, right? Literally dozens and dozens of looks of which you could then do different skins for each one of them. Right? So, think about what they’re doing with Mortal Kombat for one figure, right?

You got all these sort of iterations of it. So, yeah, I had the conversations with them. Might’ve been a little bit of bad timing because although they weren’t able to say at that point, soon thereafter the Marvel characters came out and then the DC characters, so I go, ‘OK.’ You got to know where your place is in any kind of room. So, the big boys had gotten in the room ahead of me. So, maybe once all that enthusiasm goes down, they’re looking for some other stuff, I think Spawn may be something that makes sense, depending on what’s happening with Spawn out in the marketplace and other places will help drive it one way or the other maybe.

No definitive confirmation of such a collaboration, then, though it certainly seems, in this case, at least, that it’s just a matter of time until Al Simmons’ alter-ego finds his way into Fortnite. For now, though, fans of the character have plenty of reason to celebrate, what with his recent guest appearance in Mortal Kombat 11. Reception to NetherRealm’s own interpretation has been met with overwhelming positivity and if a theoretical Fortnite collab ever turns out to be even half as good, well, we say bring it on.