ToeJam & Earl Headed To XBLA/PSN This November

Confirming rumors from last July, Sega announced today that ToeJam & Earl will be making a bit of a comeback this November with digital releases on Sony and Microsoft’s consoles.

In North America both ToeJam & Earl and its sequel ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron will be released onto PSN and XBLA on November 6th and 7th respectively. The PlayStation Store will offer the games separately for $4.99 each, while the Xbox Marketplace is bundling them together as the Sega Vintage Collection: ToeJam & Earl for 800 Microsoft Bucks.

The good news is that both titles have been reworked to include online co-op and support for Trophies/Achievements. The disappointing news is that the extremely colorful games have not been remade in glorious HD, as they rightfully deserve.

Non-HD issues aside, this is a good opportunity for those of us above a certain age to go back and play a couple of Sega’s classics. In the Nintendo vs. Sega days I sat firmly on the side of The Big N, but even I had to admit that ToeJam & Earl was one of the very few IPs that would cause me to look longingly at the other side of the gaming-divide from time to time.

Source: TheVerge

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