Tomorrow’s Special Pokémon Livestream Could Reveal Sinnoh Remakes

Pokemon Sword and Shield

The Pokémon Company has recently confirmed to its millions of followers on Twitter that it intends to host a Pokémon Presents presentation tomorrow, June 17th, and fans are already wildly speculating in regards to what the roughly 11-minute show will entail. The obvious answer is further details for Sword and Shield‘s upcoming DLC. Oddly enough, however, the first of two expansions for the Switch exclusives, Isle of Armor, is due to release on the very same day, making any unexpected reveals or new information in that regard suspiciously redundant.

That being the case, a progress update on the second add-on, Crown Tundra, is far more likely, but we wouldn’t be surprised if this particular show is intended to shine a light on something else entirely. For starters, it’s worth noting that The Pokémon Company makes zero specific mention of Sword and Shield in the Twitter post, only making the vague (and obvious) promise of delivering “Pokémon news.”

Perhaps more telling still, however, is Serebii’s translation of the Japanese announcement. It says the steam in its native language is named “Pokémon New Product Presentation,” heavily suggesting that something big is inbound. Could Trainers finally be on course to get their first look at remakes of Gen IV games Diamond and Pearl? The pair have long been rumored to be in the works and likely would have been this year’s flagship Pokémon releases, had Game Freak decided against trying its hand at a post-launch content model for the first time ever.

Whatever the outcome, more Pokémon news is always a win/win for fans across the globe. That is, of course, unless tomorrow’s showcase turns out to be 11 minutes of new Pokémon Sleep information. Let’s hope that’s not the case, eh?