New Tony Hawk Game Seemingly Leaked By Retailer

Tony Hawk Pro Skater

For anyone who grew up playing video games in the early 2000s, just the mere mention of Tony Hawk will likely be enough to generate a tidal wave of nostalgia. Developed by Neversoft for the PlayStation (and later released on nearly every platform under the sun), the original game and its sequel not only popularized skateboarding for an entire generation but elevated the sport’s exposure to such a degree that its titular star became synonymous with it.

Unfortunately, the passage of time hasn’t been overly kind to the cult series, with subsequent installments never quite managing to recapture the magic of earlier releases. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5, the franchise’s most recent mainline entry, was released back in 2015 and near-universally slated by critics for not only featuring incredibly dated visuals and gameplay, but borderline game-breaking bugs and technical issues.

Whether or not the franchise’s tarnished reputation can ever be scrubbed clean remains to be seen, then, but it appears as if fans could be welcoming Tony Hawk back into their homes quite soon indeed.

Sharing a recent tip they received by another user over on Twitter, Spawn Wave reveals what appears to be a store listing for Tony Hawk’s Alcatraz. The page in question (see below) belongs to German retailer Gameware and lists two versions of the unconfirmed title, one for Xbox One; PlayStation 4 the other.

Having conducted my own cursory glance at the company’s website, it appears as if the product listing has since been removed and there’s sadly no way of verifying the leaked image’s authenticity. We’ll ultimately have to wait and see what transpires, then, though if previous hearsay is anything to go by, work on a new Tony Hawk title has likely been underway for quite some time.

Whether it’ll take the form of a brand new game or some kind of remaster or remake we don’t know, but feel free to share with us your own suspicions in the meantime via the comments below!