Tony Hawk Tells CES Attendees That His New Game Will Hit PS4 In 2015



Earlier this evening, Tony Hawk took to the stage at Sony’s Consumer Electronics Show keynote to talk about a couple of tech-related things.

The first topic of discussion was a new line of action cameras that the Japanese electronics giant is bringing to market. Though great for tech fans who love action sport filmmaking, said cameras weren’t the highlight of the iconic skateboarder’s appearance at the event. Instead, it was something that he had hinted at late last year, through his official Twitter account. That is, a brand new Tony Hawk-branded skateboarding game, which will apparently be released onto PS4 sometime this very year.

Little is known about the title at this point in time, as even today’s announcement was short and vague. In fact, all he really said was that the game will have a T and an H in its title.

The full quote is below:

“I’m under embargo,” he said, “but I can tell you that it has T H in the title.”

Being that this occurred during Sony’s CES conference, it’s easy to assume that the next Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (or whatever you’d like to call it) will be some sort of PlayStation 4 exclusive. If so, hopefully it’ll only be a timed one, because there are surely throngs of Xbox One owners who’d love to get their hands on another entry in the venerable series.

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