Torchlight II Will Crawl Through Dungeons In Late September

Although it was originally intended to be released before, or at least close to Diablo III, Torchlight II has yet to become available to the dungeon-crawling populace. Sure, the extra waiting time isn’t what we were all hoping for, but it happens, and the good news is that the sequel is now scheduled for release in less than one month from now.

Travis Baldree, one of Torchlight II‘s designers, took to the game’s forums today in order to unveil its much-anticipated release information. In his post, he confirmed that the much-anticipated RPG will, in fact, launch on September 20, which is great news for Steam-using PC gamers, but won’t be cause for celebration within the console-using crowd. That’s because a console release date has not been announced. Then again, Runic Games has yet to even announce the existence of a port, but we’re hoping something is in the works on that front.

Fans of the series’ original release will be happy to hear that its first sequel will include co-operative play, and that it will be available through both online and local means. That was the one thing that held its predecessor back from achieving greatness in the minds of many, and will be a huge selling point this time around. However, it’s important to not forget about the game’s four new character classes, as well as its affordable $20 price tag.

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