Capcom Registers New Trademarks For Dino Crisis


Capcom is once again spurring speculation over another long-awaited remake.

Best known for the flagship Resident Evil series it may be, the veteran studio has been responsible for creating a number of beloved franchises over the years, many of which have garnered a cult following since their original debut. Developed and released just a year after the original Resident Evil 2, Dino Crisis, adopted many of the same familiar gameplay beats as the former. Of course, that’s pretty unsurprising, given that both series owe their existence to legendary industry veteran Shinji Mikami, and while both are considered true survival horror, there’s one rather obvious difference between the two.

It’s debatable what’s worse between getting chomped on by a zombie or being swallowed whole by an irritable T-Rex, but one thing’s for sure – being doggedly pursued by either is enough to cause the loss of bladder control. Fondly remembered as it is, then, it’s hardly any surprise that fans of Resident Evil‘s sister series want to see the original Dino Crisis receive its own loving remake and it appears as if that could soon become a reality.

dino crisis

As spotted by the folks over at Bloody Disgusting, a Twitter account that publicizes trademark applications in Japan has revealed several recently filed by Capcom. Among them are mention of Power Stone, Rockman (Mega Man in the West), Darkstalkers and, of course, the game in question. All of the trademarks were apparently filed on November 29th of this year, too, so this certainly isn’t a late discovery.

As much as we’d love to consider this definitive proof of Dino Crisis receiving a well-deserved remake, there’s every chance that it’s simply a case Capcom protecting intellectual property. On the other hand, I can’t imagine it’d bother to go through the effort of filing the applications were it not intending to make use of each. Ultimately, we’ll just have to wait for any potential further developments on this one, but for now, Dino Crisis fans can at least relive their memories of the original with this awesome fan-made remake.

Source: Twitter