Dino Crisis Fan Remake Looks Incredible In First Gameplay Trailer


Capcom’s critically acclaimed Resident Evil 2 remake has been both a blessing and a curse, it seems.

Having entered 2019 with a Game of the Year contender right off the bat, the developer has received a barrage of requests from fans for further recreations of its massive back catalogue. Top of that pile, of course, being Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

Capcom, however, is far from a one-trick pony. Resident Evil may be the studio’s crown jewel, but there exists a wealth of other beloved IPs that fans are dying to see receive some TLC, not least Dino Crisis. Due to their shared origins as hailing from the mind of industry legend Shinki Mikami, the oft-overlooked franchise shares several gameplay elements with its zombie-infested relative, including item management, limited supplies and puzzles aplenty.

Unfortunately for longtime followers, however, Capcom appears to have all-but-forgotten about the series’ existence, with its last official entry, Dino Crisis 3, releasing way back in 2003. A huge time gap, no matter which way you spin it, and some fans, tired of waiting, have taken matters into their own hands. As was the case with Resident Evil 2 before it finally received its long-awaited remake, a group of amateur developers going by the name of Team Arklay have started work on an unsanctioned remake of the original Dino Crisis.

Whether the ambitious project will ever see the light of day as a playable title remains to be seen, but you can check out the first gameplay via the video above. Rough and ready, no doubt, but given the circumstances, Dino Crisis has never looked this good. We wish the folks working hard on this particular revival the best of luck going forward and who knows, this could finally be the push Capcom needs to greenlight an official remake. Watch this space for more.