Two New Trailers For Spec Ops: The Line Have Surfaced

Two new trailers for Spec Ops: The Line have surfaced, showing us both sides of the game’s Dubai-based conflict. The location’s catastrophic sandstorms will bear witness to both story-driven and online-based content, both of which happen to be shown in detail within these gameplay-filled videos.

Take a look below, in order to find out more about how curb-stomping will factor into the game’s action-packed online warfare. In these bandwidth-using battles, it’s soldiers versus The Exiles, with both teams having to worry about game-changing sand.

Next up is the shooter’s new narrative trailer, which uses in-game footage to provide a glimpse at what the game’s action-packed campaign will offer.

Spec Ops: The Line will be released on June 26. Its Premium Edition set is now available for pre-order, offering double XP, earlier unlocks and a Clan Accessory Pack.

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