New Transformers Devastation Trailer Shows Off New Characters And Combos


It’s time to put the Michael Bay Transformers movies behind us and move on – that’s what Platinum Games seems to be doing with Transformers Devastation. The PlayStation blog has just been updated, showing off a brand new trailer for the title that reveals gameplay for Grimlock, Wheeljack and Sideswipe.

According to the blog, Platinum Games have gone the extra mile with Devastation by attempting to infuse each character with an authentic-feeling personality for each Autobot. There’s even a detailed description of how each playable bot has their own unique move-set and play style:

Platinum Games, the developer behind Transformers: Devastation, spent a lot of time trying to match each character’s personality with a complementary fighting style. Bumblebee, for example, attacks faster than any other Autobot, but he sacrifices a fair amount of power. And Wheeljack’s mechanical ingenuity translates into an attack pattern that centers on ranged weapons.

Along with their individual sense of style and timing, every character also has his own set of unique moves and mechanics. So, just because you’ve mastered Optimus Prime’s combos doesn’t mean that Grimlock will be a cakewalk.

Fans of the Generation 1 cartoon may be a bit disappointed that the Decepticons won’t be playable in this cel-shaded extravaganza, but from what we’ve seen so far – there’s no reason to be concerned about how Transformers Devastation will play – it’s looking absolutely fantastic. Roll on October.

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