Twitch Prime Now Offering 5 Free Games For July

Turok 2

PC gamers may be missing out on the ongoing deluge of sales and promotions being perpetuated by Microsoft and Sony as of late, but worry not – there’s plenty of free and bargain entertainment to be found on the former platform if you know where to look. As you’ll no doubt already be aware, Valve’s annual Steam summer sale is currently in full swing, slashing prices on triple-A and indie adventures alike in their tens of thousands. Humble Bundle and the Epic Games Store have their own deals, too, of course, as does Twitch Prime.

The service, which comes with Amazon Prime membership as standard, confers several additional benefits on users of the streaming platform, including free games and exclusive content for others not found anywhere else. Apex Legends, Fortnite and Magic: The Gathering Arena are just some of those titles that have given away cosmetics and in-game loot in the past, though we digress. You’re here for free games and that’s exactly what you’ll find below:

  • Dear Esther
  • Kunai
  • Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
  • GRIP
  • Dark Devotion

Turok 2

Platformers, arcade racers, retro first-person shooters and exploration games – you couldn’t ask for a more eclectic collection. You’ll have until next month, August 3rd, to download any of the above for nothing, though do note, too, that June’s selection, including Dream Daddy and PictoQuest: The Cursed Grids, are due to leave the platform on July 3rd and 10th respectively, so make sure to grab them while you still can.

As for this month’s newcomers, however, be sure to let us know which one you’ll be playing first in the usual place below!