For Honor Players Receiving Compensation For Last Week’s Server Outages

Ubisoft’s medieval mash-up fighter For Honor released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC earlier this month, but while it has, on the whole, gone down well with critics and fans, the multiplayer-focused title’s launch period has been plagued with server issues and outages. The downtime, which appeared to affect all online games published by the company, varied in severity on a case-by-case basis, although For Honor, unfortunately, seemed to be on the more extreme end of the scale.

As a means of compensation for those who were affected during the period, Ubisoft will be doling out special three-day Champion Status buffs which will take effect at the end of this week, March 3. To be eligible for the free bonus, you’ll need to have played For Honor between February 13 and 26. Regardless of how much time you spent in-game between those two dates, your account will have Champion Status applied to it by midnight EST, according to Ubisoft’s announcement over on Reddit (via VG247).

As for what benefits Champion Status actually confers, they range from 25% XP boosts and more generous post-match rewards to exclusive Champion emblems, more Salvage from dissembling unwanted gear and an exclusive Champion icon to proudly display by your in-game name. For those of you out there that currently have an active Champion Status, know that they stack, so you won’t be missing out on taking full advantage of the compensation. If you’ve yet to give For Honor a whirl, either by way of its beta or the full release, you can find our final impressions here.

In regards to how Ubisoft plans to support For Honor going forward, both paid-for and free DLC is on the way, including new heroes, maps, modes and gear. See here for everything we know so far.