Unannounced Resident Evil Game Reportedly Releasing Within Next Year

Resident Evil

While all eyes are on Capcom’s fast-approaching Resident Evil 3 remake, some potential intel regarding a separate entry in the iconic survival horror franchise may’ve just been leaked.

That’s right, according to a tweet from Aesthetic Gamer, AKA Dusk Golem – who’s a pretty reliable RE insider who leaked early intel about how the Project Resistance multiplayer game was going to be included as an online component of RE3 months before it was officially confirmed by Capcom – not only is the RE3 remake coming next month, but another unannounced RE title will be releasing within a year’s time, too. Color us intrigued!

Sadly, the details of Aesthetic Gamer’s recent intel ends there. However, the industry insider has said elsewhere that a Code: Veronica remake is unfortunately not currently on the cards for the Japanese publisher, which is a mighty shame. So, if we were to speculate, then, it’s fair to say that Capcom’s unannounced RE project could potentially be either the much anticipated Resident Evil 8, or a brand new spinoff title set in the RE universe.

Interestingly, rumours regarding the eighth official installment in the survival horror series have been somewhat conflicted, to say the least. From talk of medieval settings and armoured zombies, to the possibility that the series will return to a first-person perspective with regular zombies, it seems that Capcom may be a little unsure where to take the mainline franchise next.

Of course, with the reimagined Resident Evil threequel just around the corner, there’s been a cavalcade of new info that’ll likely whet your undead appetite. From a Nemesis that will be scarier than Mr. X to a bunch of newly confirmed gameplay features, to awesome concept art of Jill and Nemesis, there’s a lot to get your blood-drenched teeth into.

But what do you think of this latest rumour? Do you think it’s legit? Or is it just pie in the zombie sky? Let us know down below.