Undertale Soundtrack Releasing On Vinyl



It’s been an excellent weekend for those who enjoy collecting video game soundtracks on vinyl. Just a few days ago, UK record label Data Discs announced their partnership with Sega to bring Golden Axe I and II to vinyl, which comes packed in with archived artwork, which has been packaged in as lithographic prints. For those who are interested in picking up a copy for themselves, the record is now available for purchase on Data Discs’ website, although I should note that the limited edition (which adorns the record with purple swatches for a cool visual effect when the record is spinning) is sold out at the moment.

However, if subversive and humorous RPGs are more up your alley, than iam8bit has you covered. In collaboration with developer (and composer) Toby Fox, the soundtrack for Undertale, the much-beloved title which released last year, will be released on vinyl. The game’s music will be released across two 180 gram LPs, which come colored in both Pacifist Blue and Genocide Red; a clever wink and nod to those who have already played through the game. As an added bonus, those who order before September 5 will receive a limited 7” single, containing the “Annoying Dog Song.”

With the game’s full soundtrack featuring well over 100 tracks, iam8bit has instead curated their own tracklist for this vinyl release (which you can see below). Worry not though, all purchases come with an unabridged copy of the digital soundtrack for your listening pleasure. For more information on Undertale, check out Eric Hall’s Top 10 Video Games of 2015, where it took second place overall.

Track Listing 

Side A

1. Once Upon a Time
2. Your Best Friend
3. Fallen Down (Reprise)
4. Ruins
5. Enemy Approaching
6. Determination
7. Home
8. Heartache
9. Sans
10. Snowy
11. Snowdin Town
12. Bonetrousle
13. Premonition
14. Waterfall

Side B

1. Quiet Water
2. Memory
3. Dummy!
4. Temmie Village
5. Tem Shop
6. Spear of Justice
7. Alphys
8. Metal Crusher
9. Another Medium
10. Spider Dance
11. Oh! One True Love
12. It’s Raining Somewhere Else

Side C

2. Death By Glamour
3. Undertale
5. Your Best Nightmare
6. Finale

Side D

1. Here We Are
2. Amalgam
3. Hopes And Dreams
4. SAVE The World
5. His Theme
6. Respite
7. Last Goodbye
8. Battle Against A True Hero

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