How To Unlock Fortnite’s Aquaman Skin And Trident Accessory


First introduced to the game with the gargantuan tidal wave that engulfed Apollo Island at the beginning of Chapter 2 Season 3, DC’s Aquaman has been hanging out in Fortnite ever since. As was the case with Marvel’s Deadpool in the battle royale’s previous season, of course, Epic Games has promised that fans of the half-human, half-Atlantean warrior will be able to unlock their own skin bearing the character’s likeness, obtained through a multi-part quest chain delivered over the course of several weeks.

From today, then, anyone who’s been ticking off the required tasks as and when they arrive is now eligible to pick up the grand prize, though you’ll have to jump through just a few more hoops before you can claim the Aquaman outfit as your own.

Before doing that, however, you’ll need to venture out to sea and retrieve the Justice League member’s trusty Trident. This is located at Coral Cove on the northwest of the map, so you’ll either need to directly land there from the Battle Bus or grab a vehicle and make a beeline for the islet adorned with a giant seashell. With feet on the ground, divert your gaze west and look for a modestly-sized rock sticking out of the water. Assuming you’ve completed every Aquaman challenge up to this point, the Trident should be resting on the rock’s tip.

With that prerequisite completed, you’ll need to make your way back to Gorgeous Gorge, northwest of Lazy Lake. Equip the base Aquaman skin, as well as your newly-acquired Trident, and take a dive off the nearby waterfall. Once your avatar comes up for air, they should automatically be wearing the latest addition to their wardrobe, making it a permanent unlock.

Those who have found themselves lagging behind with Fortnite Season 3’s limited-time content have until August 27th to get everything done, so don’t be afraid to go at your own pace!