How To Unlock The Deadpool Fortnite Skin In Chapter 2 Season 2


Credit where it’s due: Epic Games surely knows how to drum up hype at the most opportune moment.

Following an extended content drought in the wake of Fortnite Chapter 2‘s celebrated launch last year, the developer has finally been able to deliver the battle royale’s first major content update of 2020. Released today, Season 2: Top Secret introduces several noticeable adjustments to the established metagame thanks, in no small part, to a number of new weapons and gadgets meant to facilitate players’ takeover of a spy-themed Apollo Island.

Villain hideouts, faction systems and a completely revitalized Battle Pass are par for the course this time around, though it’s a certain reward present on the latter that’s currently demanding the lion’s share of attention among Fortnite‘s millions-strong community. Revealed via Season 2’s launch trailer earlier today, Marvel’s Deadpool is the latest in a long line of superheroes to join the title, though how does one actually go about obtaining the sought-after outfit?

Truth be told, nobody knows for sure and as of writing, it appears as if Epic is purposefully withholding its release for some sort of future event. That’s what a byline present in the aforementioned launch trailer – “Battle Pass now. Deadpool Later. Maximum Effort!” – leads us to believe, at least. We can’t say for certain just yet, of course, but it’s certainly likely that Deadpool’s outfit will be awarded as a Battle Pass reward, with a statement over on the official Fortnite website reading thusly:

Choose your agent from the top ranks of The Agency. Each Battle Pass agent brings their own unique signature style to get the mission done. Surf the skies as Tntina, gain the golden touch as Midas, and get the top-secret clearance to a special surprise agent in the Battle Pass. Meow!

In other words, Deadpool fans will need to sit tight and wait patiently for Season 2 to progress over the coming weeks to see what transpires. Our advice would be to continue on as normal – progressing through the Battle Pass as one normally would – as a means of being best prepared for Deadpool’s eventual arrival. Watch this space.