Fortnite Chapter 2 Battle Pass Trailer Leaks Online


UPDATE: It looks like the trailer has now been removed.

And just like that, Fortnite season 10 came to a close in apocalyptic fashion.

Late yesterday evening, Epic Games delivered “The End” and sent Fortnite players and all of their belongings into a murky black hole. It was a worldwide gaming event that drew in more than 6 million people across YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter, and even if you’re not quite up-to-date on your Fortnite lore, this is still an incredibly innovative story experiment – not least because Epic’s Battle Royale juggernaut takes place in a non-persistent multiplayer universe.

So… what’s next? We don’t quite know, as the Powers That Be are keeping things under lock and key as the world waits with bated breath for season 11 – or “Chapter 2, Season 1,” as it’s apparently known. But it seems an announcement is imminent, as Twitter user Skin Tracker has managed to unearth the first teaser for Fortnite‘s season 2 Battle Pass. It’s being yanked off air faster than you can say Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle, but it’s still available to watch down below or over on Fortnite News (at the time of writing, at least).

From the leaked footage, we can at least determine that Fortnite‘s second chapter will feature a new map, boats, swimming, co-op emotes, the ability to carry downed players in the heat of battle, and a revamped progression system which encourages “new ways to level up.”

Beyond that, Epic remains tight-lipped about the content it has waiting in the wings, while Fortnite players have been left to stare longingly at a black hole spewing out random numbers intermittently. This being Fortnite, though, there may be a hidden meaning behind those stray figures…

Either way, Fortnite Chapter 2 is on the horizon, and we’ll be bringing you all the latest as Epic begins its fresh start.

Source: Skin Tracker