Deadpool Joins Fortnite With Chapter 2 Season 2


The content drought is finally over for Fortnite fans.

At long last, Epic Games has rolled out the next major update for its massively popular battle royale, in doing so revealing the theme as well as some of the content players can expect to see arrive over the next several weeks and beyond. As the name suggests, Season 2: Top Secret is all about stealth and subterfuge, with today’s Battle Pass trailer (above) revealing a number of cosmetics that players can expect to earn for completing a wide array of challenges.

Skins for human-cat hybrid Meowscles (yes, really) and a neat customizable Maya outfit – with unlockable upgrades – are up for grabs this time around, as too, is one for none other than Marvel’s Deadpool. The wise-cracking and unconventional superhero’s likeness will be obtained directly via Top Secret‘s Battle Pass and will require completion of a number of special and suitably-themed challenges.

As for the overarching changes being made to Apollo Island, Epic has introduced a variety of new points of interest ripe for exploration, including a luxury island mansion. As an obvious homage to the world’s most famous spy, other locations include hideouts you’d expect to see in a James Bond flick, such as a fortified volcano, offshore oil rig and a gigantic yacht. Each of these locations will be home to some of the best and rarest loot available, with secret passages leading to special loot galore. You will, of course, be tasked with eliminating the hideout’s NPC inhabitants to secure said rewards, each of which even features its own miniature boss battle with the base’s leader. Neat.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is scheduled to run until April 30th and we’ll be sure to keep you abreast of the method to score that lucrative Deadpool suit as and when details arrive, so watch this space.

Source: Epic Games