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Here’s How To Unlock The Unbreakable Knife In Resident Evil 2

One thing's for sure, knives are pretty handy in Capcom's latest genre-defining remake of Resident Evil 2. But have you ever fancied owning an unbreakable knife?

Resident Evil 2

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a nervous newbie to Capcom’s latest undead party, Resident Evil 2, it’s safe to say that you’ll want to be carrying a knife around with you on your adventures through Raccoon City. Not only is it a great survival tool for finishing off the nasty rotters that you’ve managed to knock to the floor – trust us, they’ll get back up later if you don’t – but it’s also a great defensive weapon to help drive back zombies and other mutated beasties that have grabbed you and are about to eat your little, squishy face off (don’t forget to retrieve the knives from the bodies of fallen foes, though!).

Normally, knives have a finite durability and break after a handful of uses. However, luckily for us, Capcom has included a secret unbreakable knife that can be unlocked if you know how to find it. But how do you unlock this awesome weapon in Resident Evil 2?

Well, the challenge to gaining the unbreakable knife is tied to the Mr. Raccoon toy statues that are hidden around the map. Players must locate and destroy all of them throughout game. In total, there are 15 of these toy statues. However, they cannot all be unlocked in one playthrough. Truth be told, you need to go through at least twice to be able to find all 15 of the toy statues as some character-specific areas aren’t accessible to only Leon or Claire on their first run.

On your first playthrough, eight of the Mr. Raccoon toys can be found. Three more of these are exclusive to Leon’s campaign and a further three are exclusive to Claire’s campaign. If you need a more in-depth guide of how to locate all the individual Mr. Raccoon toys, click here. Once you’ve finally destroyed all 15 of them, the unbreakable knife will be added to your inventory. It’s important to note though that you’ll still need to collect the knife from the bodies of defeated monsters, so make sure to pick it up after using it.

If you fancy finding out how to achieve that elusive S+ Rank or want to see Mr. X wearing a thong (seriously, it’s hilarious), we’ve got you covered. And in other Resident Evil 2-related news, Capcom says that there are currently no plans to bring the game to the Nintendo Switch. Sad times, right?

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