Upcoming Apex Legends Patch Will Finally Buff Bloodhound And Nerf Gibraltar

apex Legends

A bumper upcoming Apex Legends update will finally make some much-needed adjustments to the battle royale’s metagame.

Included in the patch notes published earlier today for tomorrow’s System Override Collection event, Respawn Entertainment has detailed several substantial changes being made to problem areas of the sandbox, including a handful of characters either deemed too prevalent or underutilized. We’ll get to the meat of what’s been overhauled in just a moment, but first, see below for several tweaks being made to Gibraltar and Season 3’s Crypto.


  • Gun Shield health reduced: 75 -> 50.


  • Primary weapons will now automatically reload while in drone view.

Nothing too drastic here, then, but necessary nonetheless. Despite not too long ago being considered one of the weakest characters on the roster, Gibraltar has since become one of the multiplayer title’s most powerful. A reduction in his defensive gun shield should hopefully go some way to addressing his tankiness without requiring further, more heavy-handed nerfs. Crypto, on the other hand, is unlikely to be bumped up tier lists based purely on this change alone, but it’s a welcome quality of life improvement, at the very least.

The biggest revamp of all, however, goes to Bloodhound, who has received buffs across the board, which are as follows:


  • Increased the scan distance for Eye of the Allfather by 3x.
    • Increased time to activate: .4s -> .8s
    • Increased duration of scan: 2s -> 3s

As per Respawn’s own reasoning behind Bloodhound’s power bump, it says they’ve been made with the intention of encouraging players to use his strong toolkit to scout potential battle zones ahead of time, rather than in the heat of battle.

Will all of the above be enough to freshen up the meta in Apex Legends? Who knows, but you won’t have to wait long in order to find out. All of the aforementioned changes go live alongside System Override Collection tomorrow, March 3rd.