Upcoming Apex Legends Patch Will Fix Several Major Issues


Apex Legends might be struggling to attract new blood into the fold following its hugely successful launch, but the battle royale is far from on its death bed. In fact, millions of players around the globe still log in for a session or two of competitive play in Kings Canyon on a daily basis, and Respawn, to its credit, has reiterated several times its commitment to the cause. Besides an effort to increase communication with fans via insightful blog posts, the developer has since directly addressed feedback on topics like Caustic and Gibraltar’s unpopularity by giving each sizable buffs.

In the latter’s case, the fixes didn’t exactly go according to plan, as players swiftly discovered a handful of bugs affecting their supposed new and improved toolkits, though today brings good news – fixes are on the way. As detailed by community manager Jay Frechette over on Reddit, the fault affecting both heroes’ ‘Fortified’ passive is being addressed in a future update, along with several other issues that fans have been vocal in pestering the developer about.

That includes another in-depth pass at wonky hit registration plaguing characters like Lifeline, which has been the result of “mismatches between the way the game client and server pose characters in their animations,” according to the statement on social media. While the next patch will address those issues, however, Respawn says it will continue to monitor the situation and respond in kind with further adjustments.

As for the particularly abrasive performance and audio issues experienced since launch, Frechette confirms the root cause as faulty hardware and servers bypassing standard system checks. “We have removed these from our server pool, and match quality should be noticeably improved in all datacenters,” reads the summary. Thank heavens for that.

That about covers the major talking points for Apex Legends‘ upcoming quality of life improvements, then, but Frechette doesn’t sign off before acknowledging the emerging ‘piggy-backing’ issue fans are experiencing. For how Respawn plans to tackle that problem, see here.