Latest Fortnite Patch Adds New Chug Splash Item, Removes Shotgun Swap Delay


For Fortnite fans, the countdown to midweek is always an eventful occasion. Like clockwork, Epic has released preliminary patch notes for the latest content update headed to Battle Island and by the looks of them, there are some juicy new additions inbound. Headlining patch v9.30 is the addition of a new item, Chug Splash. As the name implies, this ‘tool’ is little more than a six-pack of some indeterminate fluid that seemingly isn’t for drinking.

No, these refreshments aren’t to be taken orally, but via skin contact. More precisely, if you or a team member find yourselves low on health, haphazardly lobbing a Chug Splash at each other will instantly replenish vitality. From the short gameplay demo provided by Epic, the splash radius appears suitably large, meaning it can drench more than a single player with its restorative properties in a single dose.

As an added bonus, hurling the liquid at any player whose health is already topped off will instead provide a shield boost. For an idea of what to be on the lookout for, check out the gallery below:

In terms of how one goes about finding the consumable, all the usual avenues – Floor Loot, chests and vending machines – can yield the beverage, as too, will supply drops.

As for the remainder of v9.30, the usual Limited-Time Mode rotation is included, as well as the expected round of bug fixes and balance changes. This time around, however, one adjustment in the latter camp will assuredly be music to many shotgun-lovers’ ears. Originally introduced as a means of tackling an exploit, Epic is tweaking the limitations to only affect players who have multiple boomsticks in their inventory. Rejoice!

That’s a wrap for this week’s Fortnite update, though be sure to check back with us later for your rundown of Season 9’s Week 7 challenges. See you then!

Source: Epic Games

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