Upcoming Pokémon Go Community Day Event Rewards Revealed


Pokémon Go is host to a dizzying number of special and limited-time events on a regular basis. One particular reoccurring occasion, however, has proven to be a hit with Pokéfans across the globe and is due to return this weekend. For an extremely limited window each month, developer Niantic hand-picks a single ‘Mon to receive massively boosted appearance rates, often settling on a rare Pokédex entry. Legendary and mythical Pokémon are, of course, exempt from being featured in order to preserve their status as such but everything else is fair game.

The critter scheduled to receive the spotlight this time around is none other than Mudkip. Fans of the meme-spawning Generation 3 starter will enjoy three hours of aforementioned boosted encounter rates for the water-type on Sunday, July 21st, though that’s far from the only boost worthy of note. Should Trainers catch enough of the normally uncommon Pocket Monster and evolve it into its final form, an exclusive move, Hydro Cannon, will be unlocked.

Do note, however, that only those Mudkip evolved into Swampert during the period will be illegible to learn the sought after ability. Thankfully, achieving the feat shouldn’t be too challenging, what with the usual raft of benefits returning once more to bolster your chances. Triple catch experience, as well as extended timers for Pokémon lures, will be in effect for the event’s duration. Plant yourself in an area populated with several Pokéstops and you’re set.

That about wraps up all the relevant details for Pokémon Go‘s next event but some fans are already looking further afield in anticipation of what’s next. Given all the recent talk of newly-discovered Shadow Pokémon and the return of Team Rocket, the steady increase of excitement among the mobile title’s community is to be expected. See here for everything we know so far.

Source: Niantic