Pokémon Go Community Day Event Rewards Include Shiny Torchic And Exclusive Moves

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go has made massive strides towards becoming a complete experience since launch.

Way back in 2016, the mobile title drew immense criticism for its lack of content and meaningful progression and despite promoting social gameplay in an outside environment, popularity quickly tapered off. Since then, developer Niantic has slowly but surely continued to improve upon its once-basic framework, having introduced Raids, player-to-player battles, trading and several hundred new ‘Mons for Trainers to catch.

With no end to its continued support in sight, players in their millions have continued to log in on a regular basis, if only to check in and see what’s new since their last visit. With new events and content arriving on a near-constant basis, there’s never been a better time to jump in for a session of frenzied Poké Ball throwing, especially for this weekend’s monthly Community Day. Starting Sunday, May 19th, all players will be in with the chance to score some lucrative rewards.

As is the case whenever a new Community Day rolls around, the focus is entirely on one Pokémon. This month, it’s Gen 3 Fire-type starter Torchic that’s getting boosted encounter rates. Assuming you’ve enough Poké Balls at hand, there’ll be more than enough of the flame-spewing chicken to go around, so obtaining its final evolved form – Blaziken – will be a breeze. In addition to that, this’ll be your best chance, perhaps ever, to get hold of a shiny variant, so keep an eye out for any Torchic with a different color scheme to the rest.

Rounding out the remainder of what’s on offer, triple Stardust will be awarded for catching any Pokémon during the period and, should you manage to obtain a Blaziken, it’ll learn the exclusive ‘Blast Burn’ move not obtainable anywhere else.

Pokémon Go‘s community day runs from 3pm-6pm local time worldwide on the aforementioned date, so you’ve still got plenty of time to stock up on supplies. Best of luck to you!