Upcoming Resident Evil 2 Fan Mod Adds New Story Content And Characters


Capcom’s acclaimed remake of Resident Evil 2 will quite rightly be some fans’ new favorite entry in the franchise, but there’s certainly still plenty who prefer the 1998 original.

You don’t need to look much further than the Mod DB profile of prolific content modder Resevilnemesis30 to learn that. The talented content creator has produced several expansions (all unofficial, of course) for Leon and Claire’s first foray into post-apocalyptic Raccoon City, with the latest – titled During the Storm – promising to be the most inventive and substantial yet.

Boasting remixed and altered versions of the doomed city’s streets as well as the iconic police department building, During the Storm aims to provide a truly nail-biting survival horror experience even stingier on resources and essential items than the base game. In this scenario, you’ll be playing as Kevin, a character first introduced in spinoff series, Resident Evil Outbreak.

Check out some screenshots of the work in progress below:

Kevin, it’s worth noting, isn’t the only new character being introduced. Several NPC survivors will require his help throughout the campaign and require the same resources you so desperately need in order to stay alive. All-new, bespoke gameplay mechanics have been created specifically to complement this feature, according to Resevilnemesis30, with player choice leaving room for “dozens of outcomes.” Not only will who you decide to save have an impact on During the Storm‘s ending, but when you make said decisions, too, so you’ll almost certainly need to complete multiple playthroughs to see everything.

Sadly, a release date for the ambitious project is still forthcoming, but in the meantime, you can check out new gameplay for Resident Evil 2‘s fan-made DLC via the link below. Enjoy.