Updated Rock Band 4 Setlist Features Heart, Rush, Fall Out Boy And More


While the five year wait between main series entries has been agonizing for some, the October launch of Rock Band 4 is almost upon us. Since the title was officially announced back in May, Harmonix has slowly been revealing which artists will be featured in the upcoming release. With the calendar switching over to August, the developer has once again announced a new batch of tracks.

As with the last announced selection, the newly revealed songs cover multiple genres and decades. Some of these artists have been featured in the Rock Band franchise before, while a few are brand new to the genre entirely.

The 17 newly revealed tunes can be seen below:

  • 4 Non Blondes: What’s Up?
  • The Black Keys: Fever
  • Disturbed: Prayer
  • Duck & Cover: Knock Em Down
  • Eddie Japan: Albert
  • Fall Out Boy: Centuries
  • Halestorm: I Miss The Misery
  • Heart: Kick It Out
  • Heaven’s Basement: I Am Electric
  • Lightning Bolt: Dream Genie
  • Rick Derringer: Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo
  • Rush: A Passage To Bangkok
  • Scorpions: No  One Like You
  • Slydigs: Light The Fuse
  • Soul Remnants: Dead Black (Heart of Ice)
  • System Of A Down: Spiders
  • White Denim: At Night In Dreams

While admittedly I haven’t heard of a few of these musicians, it’s nice to see that Rock Band 4 will feature a wide variety of songs. You have something for the rocker (Black Keys), the metal head (Soul Remnants) and the Rush fan (Rush). Strangely, the song I may be most looking forward to out of this batch is Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo, which was a blast to play in the Xbox 360 edition of Guitar Hero 2 way back in the day.

Rock Band 4 is scheduled to launch on October 6 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: VG247

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