Visceral Games Aiming For “Heightened, Dramatic Realism” In Battlefield: Hardline



Visceral Games has made strides towards “heightened, dramatic realism” within its upcoming multiplayer-focused shooter, Battlefield: Hardline.

That’s according to Creative Director Ian Milham, who took to EA’s official blog to assure fans that although authenticity isn’t the studio’s primary concern, imbuing the player within an immersive, cinematic environment is the true goal.

“Everyone’s detector is finely honed for the real world. If it’s not believable, it’s immediately noticeable compared to what you can get away with in a fantasy or sci-fi environment.”

Further in the post, Milham touched upon some of the multiplayer maps within Hardline, and how their architecture and setting draw inspiration from some of the genre’s most memorable films, including Michael Mann’s Heat, Miami Vice and Collateral.

“For instance, on ‘Bank Job’ you can see how the first criminal team must’ve gone into the bank before the round starts, with the blown open doors in the front providing a distraction, and the strike team eliminating guards in the back. We also put in all the culture and signage around the world to help it feel like a real place and not just a ‘multiplayer map.'”

Now that Visceral’s shooter has officially gone gold, all efforts are now being concentrated on packing and distributing the title ahead of its release in a couple of weeks time. In fact, in order to get fans of the franchise excited for Hardline‘s imminent arrival, EA is hosting a double XP event in Battlefield 4 in the coming days, providing users with an opportunity to sharpen their proverbial trigger finger before making the jump to Visceral’s game.

Visceral Games is primed to launch Battlefield: Hardline across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC on March 17. In the meantime, let us know if you’re looking forward to picking up the studio’s cops-versus-robbers shooter in the comments section below.

Source: EA

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