War Of The Worlds Launch Trailer Invades Our Digital Homes

H.G. Wells certainly made his mark on world history with War of the Worlds. A scary story about aliens invading our planet with devastating consequences, it created quite a panic amongst the populous. Many tuned in their radios just in time to hear some key words, thinking that the broadcast reading’s news-style presentation was in fact completely realistic. Surely you can imagine how scary this would have been, and why such an issue arose. Luckily for all of human-kind, the story was one hundred percent fiction. It still remains that to this day.

We haven’t heard much of a whimper from this very well-written work of art, since Tom Cruise piloted a mediocre film version of its plot through our favourite multiplexes. Hopefully that will change for the better now that Other Ocean is set to release its War of the Worlds video game on Xbox LIVE Arcade. Debuting next Wednesday, October 26, it aims to artistically craft an interactive experience around the classic fiction which made waves so many years ago. Forget the recent movie.

To get us hyped about this interesting-looking game, the team behind it has released a brand new launch trailer. The footage shown is both interesting and stylish, making great use of colourful hints and old-time presentation.

Take a look at the War of the Worlds launch trailer below: