Watch: Apex Legends Aftermarket Collection Trailer Reveals A Ton Of New Cosmetics


The lull in new content for Apex Legends is about to reach an abrupt and very welcome end.

Besides a haphazardly implemented encore event last month, players of Respawn’s popular battle royale have been waiting patiently for something brand new to sink their teeth into ever since the arrival of Season 6 back in August. There’s still a few weeks to go yet, of course, until talk of Season 7 becomes commonplace (the ETA is sometime in November), but worry not – there’s plenty coming as part of next week’s mid-season update to keep you occupied.

The latest in a long line of Collection events (so-called for their most lucrative reward – Heirlooms – requiring a series of prerequisite unlocks), Aftermarket is due to go live across all platforms next week, October 6th, bringing with it a wealth of new cosmetics to earn. Some of these, of course, will only be available by parting ways with real money, though there’s still enough here that’s worthy of note for fans who consider themselves strictly free-to-play. Check out the gallery below for a preview of just some of the loot earned through gameplay.

In addition to all the above, a new limited-time mode, Flashpoint, will be available on the same date and brings with it an interesting new gameplay hook.

As a neat twist on standard modes, Flashpoint’s version of Kings Canyon will be entirely devoid of healing items. To ensure your avatar remains fit and healthy following each firefight, you’ll instead need to find and secure various restorative zones dotted around the map shared by all players in any given match. That being the case, then, the desired end result is a cacophony of mayhem punctuated by multi-squad shootouts where every combatant is vying for control of each flashpoint’s powerful rejuvenating qualities. And as if that didn’t already guarantee chaos, the circle will never stop closing, meaning you and your squad will need to always be on the move.

But that’s still not all. Aftermarket Collection arrives the very same day as a long-awaited Apex Legends feature. See here for all the details.