Watch: Apex Legends Reveals First Gameplay For Season 10’s New Rampage LMG

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is due to land in less than a week’s time and Respawn Entertainment is making sure to hype up one of the update’s most noteworthy additions. While the arrival of new Legend Seer will undoubtedly have the single biggest impact on the battle royale’s current metagame, one would do well not to overlook the fearsome Rampage. The first-ever LMG to be added post-launch, Rampart’s latest creation joins the Spitfire and Devotion as a fully automatic, heavy-hitting machine gun requiring a high degree of skill to master.

Unlike existing versions of the archetype, however, the Rampage doesn’t consume ammunition at an alarming rate. Boasting a slow-firing magazine designed to deliver sustained and heavy damage on connected hits, streamer Staycation says mid to long-range engagements are where the light machine gun, shines, with close-quarters better suited to more compact firearms unless you have a certain performance-boosting gadget on-hand.

As shown in the clip above, players are able to insert a thermal charge into the Rampage’s barrel which, when loaded, increases its fire rate by a considerable margin. While this process has a visually noticeable effect on accuracy and recoil, damage-per-shot remains unaffected, essentially transforming the weapon into a potent SMG. Staycation recommends that fans who like what they see spend some time in the Training Grounds getting accustomed to both modes before heading into a live-fire environment, so to speak.

Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence kicks off on August 3rd, bringing with it all of the content mentioned above as well as changes to the game’s World’s Edge map and a renewed Battle Pass. What exactly the former will entail remains to be seen, though, in light of there being no new map this time around, one can likely expect the adjustments to be extensive in order to keep play feeling fresh for the next three months.