Watch: Apex Legends Season 10 Battle Pass Trailer Reveals Tons Of New Rewards


In case you hadn’t heard, the latest major update for Apex Legends is out now, bringing with it a treasure trove of cosmetics to earn and content to discover.

As usual, a roster addition in the form of Seer will be the biggest draw for many, though if you’re already well and truly set on tackling Season 10 as an existing character, there’s plenty of metagame changes worth checking out. Often, big patches such as these can completely turn current tier lists on their head, so we’d recommend giving as many participants in the Apex Games as possible a go, even if only during a brief Training Grounds session.

Likewise, World’s Edge has received a long-awaited makeover, with new locations and changes to existing zones alike present and accounted for. There’s no new map this time around, of course, but considering what leaks have already revealed, it shouldn’t be long, before a trip to the tropics is on order.

Last but not least, a refreshed Battle Pass boasting all sorts of unlockable cosmetics is par for the course. Progressing through all 100 ranks this time around will grant access to skins for characters and weapons, emotes, loading screens, gun charms and a lot more. You can get a taste of what’s up for grabs by checking out the trailer above.

An already impressive selection, then, though it’s also worth noting that Respawn could be in the process of bringing back several previously retired Apex Legends items from past seasons. As pointed out by Shrugtal earlier this week, data mines reveal several familiar sights, though how and when these will be made available is yet to be discerned, so stay tuned.