Watch: Dead By Daylight Trailer Reveals First Gameplay For Pyramid Head

Dead by Daylight

While Konami is hopefully busy ironing out a deal that’ll see Silent Hill make a full-scale return in the near future, the series is at least gaining exposure elsewhere. Dead by Daylight, Behaviour Interactive’s asymmetrical multiplayer title, is due to receive its next major update later this month and it features a face(less) individual that fans of the aforementioned survival horror franchise will be intimately familiar with.

Pyramid Head, otherwise known as The Executioner, joins the ever-growing cast of Dead by Daylight‘s playable killers on June 16th and the game’s developer has released a new trailer ahead of launch aimed at giving you a crash course in how the entity goes about ensnaring its prey. Check out the footage for yourselves above or see below for a summary of the character’s unique abilities.

Rites of Judgement

  • Hold the Power button to activate, then move forward in any direction to carve a trail into the ground.
  • Survivors who walk or run on the trail will trigger Killer Instinct and be afflicted with Torment.
  • Survivors affected by Torment may be sent to a Cage of Atonement while they are in the Dying State.

Punishment of the Damned

  • Press the Attack button while Rites of Judgement is active to perform Punishment of the Damned.
  • This unleashes a wave of force, damaging any Survivors in its path.

Cage of Atonement

  • Press the Active Ability button while standing over a dying Survivor suffering from Torment to send them to a Cage of Atonement.
  • Survivors in a Cage of Atonement can be sacrificed as if they were on a Hook.
  • During the second phase of the summoning ritual, they will be forced to complete Skill Checks to hold off The Entity.
  • Being rescued or rescuing another Survivor from a Cage of Atonement will remove Torment.

Dead by Daylight

Pyramid Head promises to be pure nightmare fuel not to be trifled with, then, though it’s unclear, both by the description and gameplay, whether the character’s unique Cage of Atonement ability has any tangible gameplay benefit or simply exists for cosmetic purposes as a further nod to fans. We’ll find out either way next week when Pyramid Head returns to his old stomping ground in Dead by Daylight.

As for the future of Silent Hill, word on the street says a reboot of the series is due to be revealed at Sony’s PlayStation 5 showcase later today. We’ll be covering the event in full later today, so stay tuned.