Watch Dogs Gets 14 Minutes Of Open World Gameplay


Looking for new IP? Ubisoft’s got you covered, and the writhing Watch Dogs hype machine they’ve been gradually feeding over the past few months isn’t about to let up. Today, the company has posted to its YouTube channel a 14 minute demo of the game featuring gameplay, character interaction, and open world traversal.

As you watch you’ll be treated to a sultry-voiced narrator (apparently lead animation director Colin Graham) who explains what’s going on, and there’s some pretty cool stuff happening. According to Graham, “Free Wifi is cool, but not very safe with someone like Aiden Pierce around.” Fuckin’ right it’s not.

The video definitely reveals some interesting new gameplay, my personal favorite being a scenario where Aiden has the opportunity to rob a woman’s bank account information. In many games it’d be an obvious choice, because the crime would affect the player’s in-game reputation. Here, as long as you pull it off stealthily and don’t get caught, they’re are no repercussions. Graham says this makes for big moral decisions, and I can only imagine how else that may be implemented throughout the game.

Watch Dogs is just over two months away now, and is coming to PS3, Xbox 360, PC, and Wii U on November 19th, so check out the video and get pumped up. I’m still kind of sore that I won’t be getting a real life hacker suit to wear while I play the game, but I’ve come to terms with my disappointment and plan to enjoy it to the best of my ability anyways. Though I’d still accept one if you change your mind, Ubisoft.