Watch Dogs 2 Promo Item All But Confirms E3 Announcement

watch dogs

watch dogs

Currently pegged to arrive at some point before March 31, 2017, evidence continues to mount that Ubisoft is ready to formally unveil Watch Dogs 2 in the coming days.

With E3 2016 right around the corner, prominent YouTube personality The Rad Brad tipped the rumor mill into overdrive yesterday after posting a photo of what appeared to be a promo item for the sequel. First spotted on NeoGAF, the image embedded below showcases a leather sunglasses case that features the iconic Watch Dogs font.

Perhaps Ubisoft is teasing a totally new setting for the sequel in place of Chicago? It seems we’ll find out one way or the other soon enough.

Gunning for a “new tone” with Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft has evidently taken heed of some of the criticism directed at the 2014 original – formulaic design and weak story, for instance – but whether fans can expect a new protagonist to replace Aiden Pearce and potentially a new city to hack is up for question.

Watch Dogs 2 is all but locked for a grand reveal at E3 2016. Below, you’ll find the full video of The Rad Brad unboxing the gift box in question.

Source: Ubisoft