Watch: Marvel’s Avengers Clip Reveals Awesome Age Of Ultron Easter Egg

Marvel's Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers might not be a part of the MCU, but that doesn’t mean Crystal Dynamics is oblivious to the movie franchise’s success. Indeed, it’s more likely than not that most gamers who decide to take on the villainous A.I.M and its big-headed (literally) leader will have seen at least one film based on the superhero team prior to picking up the action-adventure title. So, it’s hardly any surprise that the developer has snuck in a few nods and references for fans of the cinematic universe to uncover.

While we’re sure there remain numerous secrets and such to find – the full game has been available for barely a few days, after all – one particularly cool Easter Egg can be found in the Avengers’ headquarters. In order to check it out for yourself in-game, you’ll need to have completed the single-player campaign. Doing so will allow you to explore each member’s personal quarters as whichever Avenger you so desire.

Make your way over to Thor’s modest cabin and inside you’ll find Mjolnir carelessly left on the floor. In an act immediately reminiscent of Age of Ultron, each member of team can proceed to try and pick up the legendary hammer. Though bar the Asgardian himself, of course, they all fail miserably. Hulk (as Banner), Black Widow and Iron Man all fail to move the weapon even an inch, whereas Captain America manages a few inches of movement – a neat touch in itself.

If you’ve spotted any other instances of Crystal paying homage to the MCU, be sure to let us know in the usual place down below. Alternatively, if you’ve finished Marvel’s Avengers and have been left wondering what the ending means, see here for what future content we think that mysterious mid-credits scene is setting us up for.