Watch: Marvel’s Avengers Game Drops New Cinematic Spider-Man Trailer


A new cinematic trailer has dropped highlighting Spider-Man’s introduction into the action adventure video game Marvel’s Avengers.

It features Peter Parker confronting a group of AIM soldiers that are attempting to transport some of their collar-shackled prisoners in a truck. Spidey’s bid to stop AIM from getting new and deadly technology is assisted by the Avengers, who appear at the trailer’s conclusion as the web-slinger announces: “Avengers, assemble. Bad guys, scatter!”

The introduction of the character, coming exclusively to PlayStation consoles later this month, will be a full-blown “event” for the game with its own “cut scenes and a story,” according to developer Crystal Dynamic’s Dan Matlack.

It’s anticipated that the introduction of the beloved Peter Parker may zap the heartbeat of the Square Enix-published game back to life after it had gone somewhat stagnant since launching last year.

Much fanfare surrounded the initial launch of the game, promising to let players take control of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Though it boasted a fairly compelling single-player campaign starring Ms. Marvel, the core of the game turned out to be somewhat underwhelming, relegated to a repetitive brawler revolving around beating up robots for cosmetic upgrades.

The game received mixed reviews and a lower-than-expected number of players getting on board, making Marvel’s Avengers estimated to have cost Square Enix $63 million in revenue.

We’ll have to see if the web-slinger can save the title, which is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC, when Spider-Man swings onto the PS4 and PS5 version of Marvel’s Avengers on Nov. 30.