Watch: Marvel’s Avengers War Table video dives deep into game’s holiday content


Fans of the Marvel’s Avengers videogame are in store for a whole bunch of content available to them coming this Holiday season, which is all broken down in a new War Table video deep dive from Marvel Entertainment.

A new event coming to the game includes its first ever raid, “Discordant Sound,” which sees our heroes facing a new threat coming to Wakanda.

PlayStation 4 and 5 players will also be able to play as Spider-Man in the adventure. The insidious Claw attempts to destroy the once-secluded and technologically advanced African country in the raid. The raid promises new enemies, all new environments, team challenges, and unique rewards.

There’s also going to be some groundbreaking system updates, including heroes being able to reach a new power level, according to the video.

Also coming to the game are PlayStaton players’ ability to utilize Spider-Man. The hero boasts an acrobatic play style, along with his signature web-slinging as part of the combat. The content includes a “With Great Power” Hero Event exclusive to the character.

While the internet may have roasted the game’s depiction of Peter Parker’s janky-looking web-slinging, hopefully the developers can turn things around before the character becomes available to PS4 / PS5 users Tuesday or at least through patches after the fact. If the fan reactions in the YouTube comments of the video are any indication, that may yet be the case, with user Chaden writing, “Gotta admit, it looks like spider-man is much smoother than before.”

“This looks much better than I expected it to,” another user added.

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