Watch As Monkey Business Invades Far Cry 3

Since it takes place in a lush tropical setting, complete with jungle terrain, there’s no surprise that Far Cry 3 will include some Monkey Business. In fact, that happens to be the title of one of the much-anticipated shooter’s bonus add-ons, which will be given to those who pre-order it through GameStop or purchase its European exclusive Insane Edition.

If you’re wondering why this one specific bonus is such a big deal, here’s why: Monkey Business will add one hour of extra play time to the overall experience, thanks to its inclusion of four missions.

The above-mentioned missions are given to players by Hurk, a brand new and unsurprisingly insane character, who seems to love using monkeys to carry out bombing missions. Especially heinous towards the animal kingdom, his methodology seems to be in trouble, and that’s where you and I come into play. From the looks of things, we’ll be tasked with cleaning up more than one mess throughout the add-on’s approximately sixty minute-long runtime, taking advantage of some infiltration mechanics while doing so.

Find out more by watching this rather explosive UK trailer:

Far Cry 3 will be released in North America on December 4.