Watch One Guardian Beat Destiny’s Crota’s End Raid Solo


One brave Guardian ventured into the depths of the Moon to take on Destiny‘s Crota’s End raid by himself and lived to tell the tale.

Designed to put even the most talented six-player fireteams to the test, the impressive feat was done by YouTube user sc Slayerage, who took down the titular Hive master in a measly 33 minutes.

Playing as a Hunter, Slayerage utilized the class’s ability to turn invisible in order to circumvent large groups of enemies, saving precious ammo and time as he makes a beeline for Crota itself. Armed with the Gjallarhorn — a rocket launcher with the highest burst damage you can find — along with plenty of ammunition and a sharp eye for a good sniper shot, the Destiny devotee makes the raid, which often takes a pack of six Guardians hours to complete, seem like a walk in the park.

If you’ve yet to play Crota’s End, we would advise against watching the video above. Part of the fun of the raids within Destiny is unearthing the secrets for yourself as you and your team strive to take down the mammoth boss.

This most recent raid was included with the recently-released The Dark Below DLC for Bungie’s shared-world shooter, which became available on December 9. It opens up to budding Guardians once they reach level 30, and is widely considered to be the most challenging mission in Destiny to date, which I guess just makes sc Slayerage’s feat all the more impressive.