WB’s Multiversus Game Roster Potentially Leaked For The Smash Bros-Like Fighter

For those who wanted yet another Super Smash Bros.-style fighting game featuring the intellectual properties of various studios hoping to cash in on the craze, you’re in luck as it seems Warner Bros. has reportedly put their hat in the ring with their upcoming game Warner Bros Multiversus.

There were already rumors of the game being in development but it looks like those just got so much more real. We’re now getting a closer look at who the playable characters will be in the upcoming game, according to a leak by gaming insider and Smash Bros. Melee legend Hungrybox on Twitter. Check out the tweet below:

Now we do have to qualify this news with the understanding that, as with any reported leak, this is something that needs to be taken with a grain of salt. And until the authenticity is officially confirmed by Warner Bros., this may or may not be representative of the final project.

But that being said, the protentional leak shows a wide array of characters from both sillier and more serious universes, such as DC’s Batman, Superman, Harley Quinn, and Wonder Woman; Hannah-Barbera’s Tom and Jerry and Shaggy from Scooby-Doo; Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty; Lord of the Ring‘s Gandalf; Loony Tunes‘ Bugs Bunny; and characters from Cartoon Network’s Stephen Universe and Adventure Time.

With the crossing of DC characters and cartoons, it sure looks like a rollicking good time to be able to have Batman throw fists with Shaggy and other wacky combinations. We’ll have to see if the game is any good though or if the new developments are even reliable.

However, seemingly adding to the leak’s authenticity is the fact that @LiquidHbox’s accompanying YouTube video about the leak has now been blocked on grounds of copyright from Warner Bros. Entertainment.

What do think of this potential roster for Warner Bros. Multiversus? Tell us in the comments!