Weird Fortnite Glitch Makes Players Float Above The Map


The raging storm threatening to bury Fortnite‘s Apollo Island under a watery grave has finally subsided.

The live event, a build-up to the arrival of frequently delayed Chapter 2 Season 3, has left behind a wildly different map for players to explore and acclimatize themselves to over the next three months (assuming subsequent seasons don’t suffer similar setbacks, of course) or so, no doubt with several limited-time events sprinkled in for good measure. Speaking of which, Epic Games has already confirmed that Marvel’s Aquaman will be making an appearance at some point in the near future, but the top priority right now will likely involve some marathon bug fixing sessions.

One particularly egregious exploit currently attracting attention allows players to infinitely float above Apollo Island by utilizing the unique properties of the new storm. A clip showing what happens when the exploit is correctly performed has been uploaded to Reddit by 1zPhoenix and you can check it out for yourselves right here.

So, how does it work, exactly? According to multiple reports, a helicopter or boat is the key ingredient here. The driver (or pilot) must then inch their vehicle – ideally loaded to full capacity with other players – into the storm until they’re straddling between zones. If performed correctly, vacating the transport will immediately warp the laws of physics and enable a janky form of flight until either the match ends or second contact with the storm is made.

It goes without saying, obviously, that we’d advise against using what’s clearly an unintended feature, if for no other reason than to avoid a potential ban from Fortnite. Epic Games has yet to acknowledge the bug, but we’ll be sure to update you as and when any developments surface, so stay tuned.