Westworld Scribe Contributing To The Last Of Us Part II, Neil Druckmann Teases “Intense” Sequel


The Last of Us Part II will feature an “intense” story co-written by Westworld scribe Halley Gross, according to Game Director Neil Druckmann.

Taking to Twitter in the aftermath of PlayStation Experience (via GameSpot), Druckmann confirmed that Gross has come aboard as a “kickass co-writer,” and though he refrained from divulging any further story details, the developer did ask fans to brace for an “intense” sequel.

For those interested, Gross’ IMDb page lists writing credits across Westworld‘s “Trompe L’Oeil” and “The Adversary” episodes, while the actor-writer also has a hand in NBC’s upcoming fantasy prequel series, Emerald City.

As for The Last of Us Part II, even after this weekend’s show-stopping reveal, there are precious few story details available to peruse. All we know is that Naughty Dog’s sequel will take place three years after the original game, introducing players to vengeful Ellie who’s now 19-years-old. She’s ready to kill anyone who stands in her path, and if The Last of Us was a title built on a hopeful new friendship, ND’s follow-up is said to be a game about hate.

No mention of a launch window just yet for The Last of Us Part II, and with reports claiming that Naughty Dog originally planned to debut the teaser at E3 2017, we don’t expect that to change anytime soon. Then again, that hasn’t stopped us from pouring over each and every frame to not only speculate about what lies in store, but also the ways in which Uncharted 4 may have informed the sequel’s design.