WGTC Radio #60 – Persona 3 Retrospective Spectacular!


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After another two-week break – sorry guys, we promise the show will return to its normal weekly format soon – we are back with an extra-long edition of WGTC Radio, one that hopefully has a little something for everyone (and a lot for Persona 3 fans). We start with a roundup of recent news, development, and personal gaming/movie stories, including a discussion of the Xbox One’s latest policy reversal, and reviews of recent films like Elysium.

There is a solid hour of material there for listeners to enjoy, but after that, we transition into the main topic of the day, which is a long-form, in depth analytical discussion of our all-time favorite game, the 2006 JRPG classic Persona 3. You may have heard us talk briefly about this on our top 10 favorite games podcast, but since it is a slow week, and this game means an awful lot to both Sean and I, we wanted to give it the old retrospective treatment. Don’t listen to this discussion if you have not played the game – not only is it filled with spoilers, but we just assume you are familiar with the material – but if you are a Persona 3 fan, rest assured that this is one of the best segments we have ever recorded, and we are excited to share it with you.

Enjoy the show!


Intro: 0:00:00 – 0:03:55

Random Video Game Stories/Reviews: 0:03:55 – 0:32:28

More Xbox One Policy Reversals: 0:32:28 – 0:43:30

Recent Movie Round-Up: 0:43:30 – 1:00:45

Brief Doctor Who News: 1:00:45 – 1:03:07

Persona 4 Arena News/Theories: 1:03:07 – 1:12:04

Persona 3 Discussion (Spoilers!): 1:12:04 – 3:09:04

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