Why Apex Legends Skins Will Never Be As Exciting As Fortnite’s


For all their similarities, Fortnite and Apex Legends offer up decidedly different gameplay experiences.

Sure, they’ve both found success in the battle royale arena, but it’s the little bells and whistles that help differentiate one shooter from the next. Take characters skins, for example. While developer Epic Games has added some truly weird and wacky skins to Fortnite over the past 12 months, Apex is much more muted in its design. And for very good reason.

As Twitch streamer TeosGame (h/t Dexerto) so rightly points out, Respawn Entertainment is somewhat limited in its skin designs, as there’s a gameplay element to consider before Legends can receive a new outfit.

Regarding Apex Legends skins… something I think a lot of people don’t take into consideration is that the Legends all need to be recognizable no matter the skin. You need to be able to identify who it is from afar. I can imagine this makes coming [up] with new skins more difficult. Comparing it to Fortnite’s skins just isn’t right. They don’t have this issue when making new skins.

It certainly makes sense, too, as players need to recognize their Legends from afar. If they’re a friendly, no biggie, but if they’re an opponent, a momentary lapse in concentration may lead to a nasty surprise – or worse, being booted out to the lobby. So, yes, Apex Legends character skins may not be as flashy as Fortnite‘s, but why risk upsetting the balance just for the sake of a few cosmetics?

Part and parcel of Apex‘s runaway success has been the fluid, high-octane gameplay, which Respawn continues to improve and refine with each passing update. The latest, Wild Frontier, brings about the introduction of Battle Pass Season 1 and a hoard of new content, along with the adrenaline junkie known as Octane. Curious to know more? We’ve got you covered.