Wii Party U And Wii Fit U Receive Delays


Nintendo’s follow-up to its successful Wii Party IP, appropriately titled Wii Party U, has been pushed from its targeted summer 2013 release date to the month of October. At the same time, Wii Fit U was also announced as a delayed project, as the developers wanted more time to work on applications relating to its complementary Fit Meter peripheral. That one was moved to a winter launch window.

It was said during Nintendo Direct E3 that Wii Party U will bring its series to new levels, thanks to the Wii U GamePad. The invent of the device has allowed the developers to create games that take advantage of the touchscreen device, including tabletop games that are focused on the controller. Plus, as one would expect, brand new minigames and board designs will be included within.

I’ve never played Wii Party, but I’ve always enjoyed the Mario Party series. For that reason, I’ll probably give this one a chance. The latter statement also goes for Wii Fit U, which I previewed that for a few minutes last summer, and walked away impressed after doing so.